Galaxy S4 Phone Catches The Fire, Burned Down Whole Apartment!

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As we all know, Samsung Galaxy S4 is very much popular in the international market, considering the title of hottest smartphone release. Well, after hearing a strange news, you will surely believe that it was not quite so hot. Well, the incident happened with Mr.Du from Hong Kong, a poor man who was prized with this Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone which unfortunately, caught the fire and burned down his whole apartment. So, in one of the bizarre stories, Mr. Du’s Galaxy device was spontaneously heated up, caught the fire to his sofa, and then rest of the things, is history, as they said.

Samsung Galaxy s4 Phone

He used the device till that point, on which it got too hot to handle. We all do that, we use the device a lot, it gets too hot, but it is all recognized in the production of such devices. However, in Mr. Du’s case, the device became too incredibly heated up, so he just threw it on one of his own flammable property.

Galaxy S4 Phone caught fire and burned apartment

Mr. Du claims that Samsung is the responsible for this fault, because it caught the fire without any interference without himself. If it founds that his device was modified for any reason, then any responsibility on Samsung would be nullified, but as Mr. Du claims that his device was totally untouched as it was when purchased.

Galaxy S4 Phone caught fire

Those who are investigating this incident there, are not very sure about it. They need to find out that rather the device was not altered in any way, because it is too strange that the device burst into flames. As like other ccompanies, Samsung must be strict about safety and quality control procedures to stop these kind of dangerous situations to take place next time. This is the very first time we heard that Samsung’s Galaxy edition caught the fire to that much extent. Well, let’s see where the buck is gonna stop, but meanwhile, investigators are looking for chemical traces to see whether the device’s battery was official or not.

Samsung must be hoping that the device’s battery was not that one which was shipped with the device.

We will keep you updated with the further news.

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